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System Overview

The key features of the iBreed Livestock Management System are as follows:

  1. Livestock Details
    Full details are kept for each animal that forms, or has formed, part of your breeding plans. The systems flexible approach allows you to create all details to suit your own particular needs. A simple archiving system allows livestock that is no longer current in your breeding operation to be kept, without interfering with the day-to-day use of the system.
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  2. Livestock Search
    A comprehensive search facility allows livestock records to be matched and located for the criteria you set. These records can then be viewed and updated using the systems simple-to-use interface. Any part of the livestock record can be used in the search together with standard wildcard characters, giving a comprehensive, fast and effective search method.
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  3. Pedigree
    A detailed pedigree of each animal is readily available. This is automatically created by examining the parentage of each animal in the family tree, and shown on the screen within seconds. The pedigree details can then be printed on the iBreed 3, 4 or 5 Generation Pedigree Sheet, this can be personalised with your logo, watermark and choice of font. Various formats of pedigree can be printed to suit the type of livestock you breed.
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  4. Litter Statistics
    Detailed statistics of offspring produced can be shown for all livestock in the system that is a parent. Statistics include the number of offspring produced by colour, breed, status and gender.
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  5. Diary
    Each animal has its own personal diary. This enables a full history of each animal to be recorded, in plain English, to your own requirements. Examples of the use of this can include: mating dates, birth dates, inoculation dates and illness and treatment details.
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  6. Award History
    Many breeders show and exhibit their livestock. A simple awards history can be maintained for each animal. These details can then be sorted into various sequences to ensure that the rules for exhibiting a particular type of livestock are being fulfilled (EG. The times an animal can be shown before the same judge). If required, the system automatical totals stars awarded under the British Rabbit Councils (BRC) Stars scheme.
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  7. Livestock Report
    A full report is can be produced for each livestock record. This can include all recorded details of the animal, including the general details, health details, notes, diary and awards. The details to be printed can be selected for each report.
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  8. Hutch/Cage Labels
    Hutch/Cage labels can be printed for all current livestock. The details to be shown on each label can be selected. Three different sizes of label can be produced.
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  9. Simple and Easy to Use
    Designed to use the Microsoft Windows interface, it has been designed to work the way breeders think. All information for a particular livestock record is available from a push of button. Every screen has detailed help available, in the same format as the manual supplied with the software.

  10. Automatic Backups
    The database can automatically be backed up when it is used. You can control this operation according to the disk space you have available.

  11. Industry Standard Database
    The system stores your livestock information in the industry standard Microsoft Access database format. This means that your data can easily be accessed from other Microsoft and industry standard tools (IE Mailmerge details to Microsoft Word).

    The system is currently available in 2 versions -Professional and Enterprise. The following features are available within the 2 different systems:

    Create/Amend/Delete Livestock RecordsYesYes
    Search for Livestock RecordsYesYes
    Display and Print Pedigree SheetsYesYes
    Print Logo and Watermark on Pedigree SheetsYesYes
    Word Merge Pedigree and Report ProductionYesYes
    Print "Best Award" on Pedigree SheetsYesYes
    Display, Search and Maintain Diary DetailsYesYes
    Display and Maintain Award DetailsYesYes
    Calculate and Display Litter StatisticsYesYes
    Search a Pedigree for informationYesYes
    Automatic Archive by StatusYesYes
    Print Hutch/Cage LabelsYesYes
    Automatic Database BackupYesYes
    Database UtilitiesYesYes

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