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Ordering iBreed Pedigree and Livestock Management System is simple:

Order online via our secure server using a major credit card/debit card. You will need your payment card details and your Personal 9 digit User Code (this can be found in the yellow box on the second introduction page). iBreed Systems will then email your Personal Activation Key by return.

Enterprise (including Genetics) Version
Professional Version
Additional Database

Print the Order Form by clicking the "Print Order Form Now" Button (this can be found on the second introduction page). The system will then automatically calculate the monies due and print an order form with your personal system details. Send this order form to the address given with your remittance. iBreed systems will then return your Personal Activation Key by post or email.

Enter this Key into the Red Activation Box on the second introduction screen and you will have a fully functional licensed copy of iBreed Pedigree and Livestock Management System.

The system can easily be upgraded between the different user versions (Professional and Enterprise) by simply acquiring a new Personal Activation Key. To do this you simply change the user version on the Registration Screen and then print the order form as above. The system will automatically calculate the upgrade price and print the new order form.

If you require additional databases for your iBreed Pedigree and Livestock Management System (IE you have already registered a cats database and now you also want to use the system to record dogs) these can be obtained by the same method but at discounted prices. Set up the details of the new Livestock type on the Registration screen and print the order form for the new database.

Initial System Price Details:

Professional Enterprise
System + 1st Database £45 (US $75) £55 (US $90)

Additional Database Price Details:

Professional Enterprise
Additional Databases (Each) £10 (US $23) £10 (US $23)

Upgrade Price Details:

Professional to Enterprise
Upgrade to £15 (US $30)

  • If your initial database is licensed for Professional you will be charged an additional fee if you then apply for an additional Enterprise database.

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