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Pedigree and Livestock Management System

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iBreed Pedigree and Livestock Management System provides breeders with a simple to use database to maintain records of their livestock. Comprehensive details can be recorded for each animal, this allows upto a 5 generation pedigree to be viewed or printed, and a powerful search function enables livestock to be retrieved at any time. A diary, mating and award history can be kept for each animal. Full offspring statistics can be viewed for all livestock used for breeding; this can include colour, breed, gender, etc.

iBreed's Comprehensive Genetics Calculator allows an animals colour genotype (genetic code) to be calculated from its colour and parents/offsprings genotype. These details can then be used to calculate which colours could be produced from a mating and which sires and dams to use to produce a specified colour. No genetics knowledge is required to use the genetics function! The Rabbits, Hamsters and Gerbil Genetic Databases are completed, however, we need help compiling the databases for other livestock types. If you think you can help please email - SPECIAL DISCOUNTS available to breeders who help trial new genetics databases!

iBreed's unique Fasttrack Pedigree Entry allows full pedigrees to be created in minutes! Simply click on where the animal's entry is to be made on the pedigree and create new details or insert details of existing animals.

iBreed has been designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. When an individual animals details are displayed, all functions available are readily accessible from the one screen. Tool tips, context help and instructions are available at all times.

iBreed is growing all the time. Thanks to the input of our users we are constantly updating the system to include new features. All updates within a given version (1.x) are free and can be downloaded quickly from the Web. We welcome all constructive comments from our users (whether shareware or paid), because it is this input makes the system grow!

iBreed has been written using the latest industry standard tools and languages to run on Microsoft Windows 95 through to Windows 8. Utilising a standard open database engine, all livestock details can readily be accessed by standard tools and extracted if required.

iBreed is now the revolutionary concept in Livestock Management Systems. It delivers unrivalled functionality and performance at sensible and affordable prices.

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